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27th March 2011

Battered and Bruised,
Deceived and Beguiled,
On bended knee,
I sigh,
And I wonder, why?

Why, oh why, does this have to be?
Only now the answer is so clear to me,
It is after all written plainly for all to see,
Hate what’s good,
Love what’s bad,
But Allah knows what I know not,
Test me He does for all that I got,

Oh Allah, forgive me for my pride,
I blindly demanded my heart’s desires,
Without considering the hell-fires,
All things asked for granted by Your Grace,
But beware it may backfire straight in your face,

Oh Allah, forgive me for my lack of sight,
I considered happiness as my right,
No burden more than I can bear,
But the guilt is so terrible that I despair,

Warnings from parents spurned and ignored,
Oh, please forgive me, my gracious Lord,
Trudge along for many a day and night,
But for Your rehmat that is so bright,
Finally …
To submit and agree,
That which was preordained for me,
A measure of relief and peace, at least,

Please, I would like to be able to declare,
With bent head,
In humility,
Nafs restrained,
Ego chained,
With total fidelity,
Oh Allah, I leave my life in Your care.

Again and again, Oh Allah, forgive me.

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