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Allahu Akbar!!

9th March 2011

Allahu Akbar!

Look at my people, Look at my homeland,
This is not a sight one can stare.

From Palestine to Kashmir to Pakistan,
The color of red stains and drips everywhere.

Why are they killing our people?
Don't they at least give a care?

My brothers and sisters let us stand,
And fight together without any fears.

Let's help each other hand in hand,
And never let our eyes bring one more tear.

But bombs set off again,
And bring sounds of terror to our ears.

Pick up your rifles and set up your tanks,
And with our people together we will fight.

This war is for our land and isn't a prank,
So be ready for war with all your might.

This will decide what is our land,
And we will prove it with all right.

Back and forth, you see bullets and bombs flying,
What do you think we fight for?

My people are falling and children are dying,
We won't stop until we get to the core.

So stand together and recite these words,
Takhbir, Allahu Akbar!

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