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9th March 2011

Ignorance and injustice, the world was blind
unable to perceive with their hearts and mind
The right path to Allah, they could no longer find
so Muhammed was sent as a guide to mankind

The prophet was sent with teachings so pure
never to be corrupted, forever to endure
Its truth and wisdom would mankind lure
for the illness in the hearts it was a cure

The prophet was persecuted by the sword.
bribery was offered but he did not hoard.
Compromising he rejected on his own accord.
because one day we will have to face our Lord.

He was persecuted, beaten and even bled.
During this persecution many ended up dead,
or were beaten without mercy, bruised and red.
Leaving everything behind, Makkah they fled.

They were tortured with fire burning bright,
and for their very existence they had to fight.
They stood up for what is good and right
so it could reach us, this illuminating light.

The prophet prayed much for you and me
so that from the Fire we could be free.
For our well being, to Allah he did plea.
so much fear and worry for every Ummati

The prophet prayed whilst others were asleep
and for his Ummah many tears he would weep.
so that Islam in our hearts we could keep
and the best in the hereafter we could reap.

Remember the suffering of our beloved
and in vain he didn't shed his blood,
and in vain didn't suffer injury in Uhud,
and in vain he never, for the truth, stood.

Brothers and sisters you must awake
the promise the world offers is fake
The first few steps of Islam we must take
with conviction this decision we must make

What will we say when we face our Maker?
that Islam to us had become a stranger
No longer emotions did the message stir
instead life passed us by - like a blur

Face the truth, there is no way out
we weren't sent here to mess about
The life we are living is worth nowt
the real life is the next - without doubt

Make preparations, before we die
stand up for the truth and leave the lie.
The teachings of Islam you must apply
to follow Allah's command we must try

We have a sworn enemy called Shaytan
from the days of Adam he hates man.
He has his agenda and his own plan
to distract you from the worship of the One

Hold firmly to Islam - the Deen-ul-Haq
see your goal clearly and don't turn back
Definitely the Shaytan with retaliate and attack
so determination to succeed you must not lack

With every ounce of energy you must strive
and every teaching of Islam you must revive.
Only then in our lives Islam with thrive
with Iman in our hearts we will be alive

If the teachings of Islam we uphold
in heaven we go where we never grow old
In this Jannah there are pleasures untold
which no mind or eye can ever behold

You know all the facts, it is your call
Simply - take the shot you have the ball
Your decision determines your rise or fall
death is in hot pursuit, so do not stall

The prophet's sacrifices we must respect
On the hardships he suffered we must reflect
The prophets advise we must not neglect
Let your heart guide you to what is correct

Make the decision and call the shot
time is a commodity you haven't got.
Make the right decision - don't get caught
Seek the truth as it should be sought !

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