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My Beloved Muhammad (saaws)

8th March 2011

Sitting here looking at the same old Moon,
which long ago was honored by your grace.
This same, ageless earth beneath my feet
that felt humbled for carrying someone so precious.
A world that once felt complete through your presence.
The same old Sun that got to warm your holy face.
All still exist, in hormony 'till it all comes to pass.
They await Allah's command, though you, the mercy of mankind, they dearly miss!
My sad existance though pathetic it is compared to yours,
I am privilaged to be written among your followers..
..and if the next life, when I awake,
If Ar-Rahman, by His Mercy, forgives my world full of sins and covers my mistakes,
I wish to kiss your feet and dwell upon your face.
For Allah has made a promise to his servants,
"..You shall be with those you love..."
and I LOVE YOU YA RASULALLAH I want the world to know this,
like the Moon and the Sun, the Earth beneath my feet
ALLAH's pease be on you my dearest MUHAMMAD,(SAAWS)
For I have benefited from the light of your teachings..
I pray to be with you,my heart, my soul yearns to be near you.
...ever so hopefully
....until we meet!
and then I'll rest..
Because I would have succeded indeed
Being forgiven by The Most High,
The Gates of Paradise being open for me!!!
... beautiful a thought!!!
What a fortune and a success indeed!!! :) :) :)

By Umm Muhammad

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