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Death and Judgement day...

8th March 2011

I hang above you waiting for my call
watch you when you are up watch you when you fall.
I stand there in the corner with my black eyes into you.
I stay well out of way when angels stand in front of you.
Ive been given orders by our creator and I bow to him like you.
and one of the rules I follow is not to sympathize with you.
angels protect your every move in bed, at work or play
and no one knows why I take you,but I take you anyway
when your time is up,angels worship and stand back
I step in and take your soul and all you'll see is black
I take your soul to a world unseen where questions will be asked
and forever you'll stay in this way and your life will be the past
until the day of judgment comes,the day of resurrection
when you will witness gods power and his ultimate perfection
when every being ,women and man are left to face their sins
when the bad will weep and the good will raise their chins
when the sky is torn apart and the Antichrist rules the weak
when Gog Magog will roam the earth,devour all that they can seek.
when Jesus himself will descend from heaven where he patiently waits
and opens the road for all believers and angels open heavens gates.
from his forehead will drop pearls of sweat so sweet to smell to all
and every ugly beast at this very scent will fall
we will die all over again when the trumpet is blown aloud
then every one will rise again,even in their shroud
what will we say to God when he questions our every breath
He who brought us into the world,and brought us into death.
for those of us who have earned a key to open heavens gate
will smile and love their Lord for this fair and wonderful fate.
there they'll dwell in peace and beauty all around
Angels by their side and their eternal destination found.
God is fair and His reward is beyond the word for kindness
its up to us how we choose to live,in goodness or in blindness.

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