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:: Beauty of Death ::

8th March 2011

Death is lovable for those who believe...

They long for death,
to end their last breath.
For death to them is not the end,
but a journey which Allah has planned.

A journey that every man has to go through,
where the deeds are being laid in front of you.
Glowing faces and the blackened ones,
let us hope we are the Abrar ones.

The Abrar are those who long to die,
while others are asleep, they pray and cry.
Death is a step closer to meet thy Lord,
it is the believers who'd die to meet their God.

Death doesn't make you pessimistic,
in fact it moulds you to be optimistic.
It prepares you to meet your Creator,
You attempt to do good, and miss not every prayer.

All the deeds you do will be for Him,
and not for any other human being.

So when you die, you are already ready,
to meet the One, Allah Almighty.
With your little deeds done with sincerity,
you will enter paradise but with His mercy.

So like I said, death is not the end,
and I'm not pessimistic for it will happen.

Death is beautiful,
and death is lovable,
for those who believe,
embrace death with no grief.

See the Holy Quran (83:18-28)(84:6-9)(89:27-30)

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