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Intresting storis about muhammad's (SAW) childhood

27th February 2011

Abdul Muttalib (Prophet Muhammad's grandfather) was more passionate with his grandson (young Muhammad) than with his own children. He never left the boy a prey to loneliness, but always preferred him to his own kids. Ibn Hisham reported: A mattress was put in the shade of Al-Ka'bah for Abdul Muttalib. His children used to sit around that mattress in honour to their father, but Muhammad used to sit on it. His uncles would take him back, but if Abdul Muttalib was present, he would say: "Leave my grandson. I swear by Allah that this boy will hold a significant position." He used to seat the boy on his mattress, pat his back and was always pleased with what the boy did. Source: Ibn Hihsam, 1/168.

It is also reported that during Amina's (Prophet Muhammad's mother) pregnancy, she felt no pain or discomfort. She had always heard women complaining about the hardships of pregnancy, but she felt very well. During these months Amina had many dreams. One night in a dream she saw a light coming out of her. The light was shining on castles of Syria. Source: Tabaqat Ibn Sa'd, 1/63.

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