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5th June 2009
As-salaamu'alaykum wa raHmatullah

Is not the complexity of the fiqh of menstruation a compliment to the intelligence of womenfolk? That the fuqaha have derived and contrived such rulings which fall firmly within the category of our 'ilm-ul-haal surely lends favour to the recognition of our intellectual capacity. (If I'm sounding like a defensive feminist, be assured that it's for your amusement alone!)

So, sisters, let's strive to acquire the necessary knowledge and understanding by which we can correctly conduct our lives according to that which has been passed down to us through our scholarly predecessors. Let us sharpen our intellect with that which truly concerns us.

Alhamdulillah, I acquired a copy of the excellent work of Ustadha Hedaya Hartford and Brother Ashraf Muneeb: 'Birgivi's Manual Interpreted' when I undertook the introductory course on the Fiqh of Menstruation offered by Sunnipath. However, I confess to not having studied the book in much depth until recently. Revisiting the text with renewed interest, I've come to find the calculated logic of its rulings fascinating, and therefore hope to post a series of entries summarising what I've learnt as concisely and simply as I can. I humbly request that my respected elders and those who have studied this fiqh read my entries and notify me of any mistakes. Jazaakumullahu khairun.

To begin - and all studies must begin with lesson one - I'd like to share this record-keeping chart, since the first principle is that every woman should maintain an accurate record of all her vaginal bleeding, because without it, the application of the rulings is extremely difficult! It might be tempting for those who have a regular, perfectly predictable habit to be lax in keeping a record, but it's only when things go awry that the record becomes indispensible.


Lesson 1:

Keep a record.
Keep a record.
Keep a record.

If this reads like a broken record, it's cos' you've got to ...

Keep a record!

Sorry, but the pleasure of pristine prose must be sacrificed at the altar of understanding.

Don't be a muhayyara: a confused woman, or one that causes confusion (to the scholars). 'Muhayyara' is the name given to a woman who has failed to keep a record, and thus has no habit to refer to.

Let's do ourselves the favour of preserving our intellectual integrity, albeit only that portion which Allah in His infinite wisdom has bestowed upon us.

As they say: If you don't use it, you'll lose it.

Yearly Menstrual/Lochial Record Chart
(Taken from Birgivi's Manual Interpreted, Hedaya Hartford & Ashraf Muneeb)
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ummi taalib wrote on 8 Jun 2009
jazakillah for this post, i hope it galvanises sisters to the study of this very very important part of Deen, the knowledge of which is obligatory for women......Is it beyond the power of Allah subhaanahu wata'aalaa to open up the hearts and minds of women for knowledge sought with true talab (yearning)???? CERTAINLT NOT!! So lets go for it sisters..
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