Hazrat Molana Kaleem Siddiqui DB

1st March 2012
Hazrat Molana Kaleem Siddiqui DB, well what can be said about him. He is one of his kind. He has been and is tirelessly working amongst the hindus and scores of kuffar have got converted on his hands. May Allah accept his efforts. He lives in Phullat a remote town of Haryana a state near Delhi. As far as I know he is the khalifa of Molana Maseehullah Khan Sb RAH but I am not 100% sure.

Many of the stone hearted Kuffar who were active in the demolition on Babri Masjid ( ) have converted on his hands. He has great affiliation with Nizamuddin and all those who convert/revert on his hands he recommends them to go for atleast 40 days and many of them do so.

The brother who threw the first stone on Babri Masjid narrates that every year on 6 Dec he used to feel that Allah's Azab would get me. he felt such restlessness that he used to hide in the most interior room of his house, then it happened so that his 10 year old son got ill and while breathing his last he pleaded his father to do Tauba and become Muslim. The boy died and his last words left a mark on his father's heart, after which he approached Moulana Kaleem Sab and became Muslim. The brother who was once the forebearer of Kuffar has now spent 4 Months and 40 days many times, follows complete sunnah , has more than 700 people convert on his hands and for the last 10 years he has been building atleast one Masjid every year on 6 Dec in the most interior areas of India.

There are innumerable stories about Hazrat Kaleem Sab and I can go on listing them but time and space are what binds me. I have met Maulana last to last week when he was in Mumbai, where in his speech he gave many Kalguzaris of the new converts. Truly amazing!!

In the field of Dawah to non muslims where the salafies stake claim and criticize the Ulema of Deoband , there are many such Gems like Molana Kaleem Sab DBH whose ikhlas , humility and love for Sunnah outshine many such claimers and is just another indication of the diversity of efforts our ulema have been doing all their life.

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