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I am a Muslim

9th November 2011
They call us terrorist
Cause our faith is the realest
God is the greatest
Don’t you hate us
Cause we the baddest
Peace is what we raise without hesitation
We come in billions never can you kill us
I am a Muslim
We aim for the highest
Praying for the longest
Asking for forgiveness to the fullest
Thinking about heaven is the sweetest
Taking the path of the rightest
Living life is the toughest
Trying our hardest
Looking up to the greatest
Helping the weakest
Never giving up is the realest
Satan is the fakest
Fighting the game like the bravest
I am a Muslim
Never can you fade us
Come along and join us
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posted by muslimahkp786 on 9th November 2011 - 0 comments


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