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I Will Rule The World

9th November 2011
A wise man once said long time ago
That I will rule the world you know

Everyday that pass's bye
My blood drops, like rain from the sky
Bin livin life in tourture for so long
Just another prisoner trying to be strong

Everybody picks on me,
night an day they play tricks on me
I use to be brave an big with a crown no one dared 2 mess with me
Now when I'm hurt an tied dowen
everybody wants a peice of me

Tied dowen in the burning sand
So many cuts in my body
I can barely move my hand
My week body week in it's own land
You see
by my hart they placed a knife
But they couldent take my life
My whole body they have cut
my quick death they do want

Peisce by peice of my skin
They cut deep 2 begin
Then placed posine deep with'in
pyralized my body so they can win
my Vision vision going hazy
I felt my body going lazy
I felt my blood flowin mazy
Then the world just went crazy

O my vains
Please don't bleed
O my blood
please don't die
I feel your pain I'm not asleep
I feel the pain sink in deep
I feel it creep inside my skin
Shakeing my body
like I'm possissed by jinn

So my blood cells come on home
Don't ever feel like your on your own
Cuz In my body your not alone
Cuz when the blood hits the ground
Those little thuds like thunder sound

So your not forgotten, don't you lie
Your in my body, don't you die
You know your pain
I do feel it
I call his name
He will heal it

Becuse of it I'm in distress
Everyday I'm in the press
On my pain an my stress' do they feed
They wish I bleed an die indeed
But like a seed I do grow
Even out a skid row
My blood flow
Touch the ground light an glow
To bring those low out the shadow show
An my power they all know
Like a lion when he roar
Even hurt I'm not afraid of war

So my hand don't you shake
Even tied
this chain will brake
Take the pain
build thee anger
Feel the power
they know as danger
Your a stranger in there eyes
More blood like you I'll shurely rise

So Here I am in a shred
Coverd in blood river red
This whole time they thought I'm dead
But I was hanging by a thread
There evil posine did not spread
Cuz I can feel my legs an head
So my blood tears don't you shead

keep flowin an pumpin to my hart
One day the posine will depart
An my wounds will heal like art
Then all those evil I'll rip apart
Your my cure your the start

So start fighting this posine out
Your the mujahid with out a doubt
All this posine you must wipeout
Then all the cuts will fade out
Allah is great that day I'll shout
An every tyrent I'll knock out
every evil I'll takeout
In every corner you hide out
In every hole I'll blow out
Till that day turnabout
You will know whut I'm about
I am Islam so look out

Prophet Muhammad (Salllahu alaihi wasallam) said: “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.” [Muslim]

the Prophet Muhammad (Salllahu alaihi wasallam) mentioned in another hadith,
“Surely, this religion will reach the boundaries of the day and night and Allah will not spare a rural or an urban dwelling except that he would cause Islam to enter it by elevating some and degrading others. A glory with which Allah elevates Islam and a humiliation with which Allah degrade Kufr (disbelief).”
(Ahmad and Ibn Hibban, saheeh)
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