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Bazaar of Jannah and Vision of Allah

17th January 2011
It is related that Sa'eed bin Musayyeb(RA), a high ranking Tabi'ee was walking with his teacher - therenown Abu Hurayrah (RA) through the bazaar on Jumu'ah(Friday) to buy something. Upon returning, Abu Hurayrah (RA) commented, O Sa'eed! It is my dua that Allah gathers us both together in the bazaars of Jannah."[/
Sa'eed bin Musayyeb(RA) asked, "Why, will there be bazaars in Jannah?"
Aboo Hurayrah (RA) replied, "I have heard from the Nabi(SAW) that uponevery Jumu'ah in Paradise, bazaars will be organised for the Ahl-e-Jannah (people of paradise), and when these people have reached their respected stations in Paradise and will be enjoying such a luxurious existence that the thought of going anywhere will not even arise.

Suddenly, an annoncement will be made, "All the Ahl-e-Jannah are hereby notified that they should depart from their residences and come towards a bazaar." They will arrive at this bazaar and observe such astonishing spectacles and delights not witnessed before. It will be annonced, "Take whatever you desire from these shops".Accordingly, all the Ahl-e-Jannah will roam through this bazaar and select whatever they wish.

When this selection will have finished, an announcement will take place on behalf of Allah, "Now all people should gather in the Court of Allah for a congregation because today is the day of Jumu'ah, wherein in the dunya you people used to leave your homes to gather for salah in one place.Today, on Jumu'ah you are being granted an assembly as substitute, proceed towards the Court of Allah" Accordingly, all people of Jannah will arrive here where personalised seats will await each person..some made of diamonds and jewels, some of gold, some of pearls and silver..each in accordance with the individuals rank: the higher the status, more elaborate the chair. However, each person will consider his own chair to be so exquisite, the thought of desiring another will not arise.. because in Hannah there is no vestige of sorrow or grief.
Even for the lowest ranking Jannatee, there will be mounds if musk and amber.After all the Ahl-e-Jannah will be seated, the Royal Court of Allah will commence with Angel Israafeel (who blew the Trumpet upon Qiyaamah) reciting the Glorious Qur'an in such a sweet melodious tone as to totally denigrate all worldly music. Thereafter laden clouds will cover the horizon giving an impression of imminent rain. As the Jannatees will behold this sight, a shower of musk and saffron will cover ever person therby providing total fragrance throughout the Court, such pleasant smell which nobody had previously experienced or thought possible.

Then with the command of Allah a delightful and invigorating breeze will blow causing every Jannatee's beauty to increase twofold. Thereafter, from Allah a mashrub (drink) will be offered to every person, wherein will be such taste inexperienced in dunya.

Afterwards Allah will ask, "O people of Jannah! Have you received all your nemats(blessings) We promised you in the dunya in return for your A'maal(deeds) and Iman or is there anything outstanding?"All the Ahl-e-Jannah will reply with one voice, O Allah! What greater nemat could there be which oyu have not blessed us, for You have fulfilled every promise and granted us everything. We no longer desire or know of any other wish?"

It appears in certain narrations that even here the Ulama will be of assistance - for people will approach them and request, "Inform us of any such nemat which we have still not received?" Accordingly, the Ulama will advise, " There is one remaining nemat which we have not received..ask for the Vision of Allah" Instantly, all of Ahl-e-Jannah will request with one voice, "O Allah!One great nemat remains, that is Your Vision." Allah will reply, " Yes, this nemat for you remains, now you will be granted this bounty."

Thereafter, Allah will display His Vision to Ahl-e-Jannah, who will feel that all previous and any future nemats are nothing in comparison. After this Vision, all people will return to their homes, whereupon their wives and hurs will comment, "what has happened today, for you r beauty and appearance has increased so much from before?" Ahl-e-Jannah will reply,"you too are much prettier than when we had left you!"
It appears that in Hadeeth, that Nabi (SAW) commented, this increase in beauty will be due to the breeze which Allah Ta'ala caused to blow".

This is a brief description of one event in Jannah which Allah Ta'ala's pious servants will experience.May Allah selct all of us to be amongst them.Ameen

It is worth remembering that no amount of description, comparison or words may correctly describe the nemats of Jannah.Allah realtes in Hadeeth-e-Qudsee,
I have prepared for my pious servants such nemats, which until now no eyes have observed, no ears have heard and thoughts of which has not crossed any heart!"

{Taken from Ashraf's advice upon death}
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