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Every soul shall have a taste of death [21:36]

24th December 2010
Once the angel of death (Hadrat Izra'il) appeared in the form of human being in the court of Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) and gazed continously at a person present there for some time. When the angel of death vanished, that person asked Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him): "Who was that person?" He told him that that was the angel of death. He remarked: "The angel of death had gazed at me in such a manner as if he had determined to take my life." Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him) asked him: "What do you want?" He requested him to drop him in India. Prophet Sulaiman commanded the air to carry him up and drop him in India. Consequently the air carried him to India (which was very far from where he was). The angel of death came to Prophet Sulaiman (peace be upon him). He asked him "Why did you fix your gaze at that person?" Angel of death told: "I wondered that the Almighty Allah had commanded me to take the life of this person in India whereas he is sitting here in your presence."

Narrated on the authority of Khuthaima (RA). From the book "The spectacle of Death" by K. M. Islam
Every soul shall have a taste of death no matter where they are.
May Allah give us the reality of death. Let us all prepare for it before it's too late.

تیری ماں نے جنا تم کو اےابن آدم اس حال میں کہ تو روتا ہوا تھا اور لوگ تیرے اردگرد خوشی سے ھنس رہے تھے

پس تو عمل کر اس دن کے لئے کہ جب لوگ تیرے موت کے دن روئےگے تو خوشی سے ھنسے گا
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