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Leaving argumentation

30th May 2011

The Prophet of Allah (blessing and peace of Allah be upon him) said,

‘An individual who is on untruth but abandons argumentation and squabbling (by accepting the truth) for him a house will be constructed in the periphery 9edge0 of the Paradise. Whereas, for the individual who is on truth but abandons confrontation and argumentation (He acknowledges that the opponent is not accepting, the time is being wasted and he is fears possibility of blameworthy morals to be be stirred in his nafs) a house will be constructed in the center of the Paradise. (That is certainly superior to the one located in the periphery.) And for the individual who has the best morals a house will be constructed in superior most part of the Paradise.

This is reported in (Sunan e) Tirmizi.

It has been observed that most of the pious in spite of being on truth circumvent the contentious issues and prefer to remain silent when someone squabbles or confronts them. The rationale for this is referred in the Prophetic saying (hadith) translated above.

This attitude (of leaving all argumentation) appears to be desired (characteristic ) as per this hadith.’

Basair e Hakimul Ummat ra, page 577-8

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