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The lawful and Unlawful Affairs are Clear

3rd January 2011
On the authority of aboo 'Abdillaah an-Nu,maan ibn Basheer may Allah be pleased with him said: I heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) saying: "Surely, the Halaal (permissible) is clear and between the two are doudtful unclear matters that many of the people do not have knowledge of. So, whoever abstains from doubtful matters has saves his religion and his honor, and whoever falls into the doubtful matters falls into haraam, just as the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary is likely to indulge freely grazing therein. Truly, evey king has a sanctuary, and Allah's sanctuary is His prohibitions.


The prophet (saw) has divided the affairs, into three types: The Halaal that has no doubt in it and the Haraam that has no doubt in it. These two are clear. Either it is Halaal so a person does not obtain a sin, or it is Haraam so that a person obtains a sin. The example of the first type is the permissibility of livestock and cattle, and the second type is the prohibition of alcohol.

As for the third type, it is the doubtful unclear affair that its verdict in unclear whether it is from the Halaal or the Haraam. Its verdict is hidden drom many of the people and known to others.

He saves his religion in that which is between him and Allah. He saves his honor in that which is between him and the people so that it is not said "So and so has fallen into Haraam.

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