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Deobandi Movement & Deobandiat: The Past & Present

4th December 2013
Assalam o Alaikum,

Based on the situation at ground in India I was to share some points for introspection.In the meantime trends and comments on Social Media and Islamic forums further reinforced my thinking. (Most Probably the situation is similar in other parts of Indian subcontinent)
But please be clear there will not be any sensational or Blame game type of discussion. Rather it will an introspection

In my humble view Deoband Movement is the most glorious movement of the last 2 hundred years of Islamic world.And Muslims are indebted to the luminous stars of this Movement. Alhamdulillah the journey is continuing and still benefiting the millions.

To understand the basic question of What is deoband? We have to go through pages of history that has been very nicely summarized by Mufti Taqi Usmani DB in these words.

Darul uloom deoband kisi mutassib firqe ka naam nahin,na koi siyasi jamaat hai,na koi aisa groh haiya jathha hai jo har haq o nahaq mein ek dusre ka sath den eke liye qayam kiya gaya hai aur na yah koi bahas o munazra ki koi team haijo kisi khas firqe ki tardeed ke Marooz mein Wajood mein aye ho
Balki darhaqeeqat darul uloom quran o sunnat ke us tabeer ka naam hai jo sahaba tabaeen aur aslaf ummat ke zarie ham tak pahunchi hai
JAHAN E DEEDA PAGE 511(at the time of visit of deoband in 1980)

Darul uloom deoband is not the name of any prejudiced Firqa, not a political party, it is not a group to support each other on all rights or wrong. It is not a team of Polemic debater which has been created to counter any sect.
Rather in reality Darul Uloom Deoband is the tabeer of Quran o Sunnat that has reached to us through Sahaba, Tabaeen and aslaaf e Ummat......

We can introspect under subheading of
1. Connection of present Deoband Movement with general Muslim mass at ground.

2. Its response to the propaganda of Pseudosalafi movements on internet and at ground .

3. W heather it is prepared to come with a positive programme to lead the Muslims as its luminous stars did in past.

4. The interrelation between its three wings of DAWAH TALEEM & TAZKIYA.
Between these three fields At present Wheather it is
active cooperation/
Passive cooperation/
standing at distance as onlooker /
their misunderstanding has reached to the level that they have started leg pulling of each other.


(Note: This article is not for any blame game/criticism/ doubt on the sincerity of any one.It is just a start of introspection. We may find finally that all is well and satisfactory Or we find areas of weakness to look into it. Seeking forgiveness from Allah and all the brothers/sisters for any mistake and error of judgement or slip of pen)

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