Imam Gazhali on Tarbiah & Education of Common Mass

25th November 2013
Religious Condition of Muslim Mass :Responsibilities of Elites of Ummah


Imam Gazali Rahimullah writes in Ahya Ul Uloomudden explaining the situation of 12th century Muslims. He is explaining the situation and also suggesting the possible remedy.

(Unfortunately at present the condition of muslims is either same or has further deteriorated)

“Majority of the Muslims in cities are not knowing about deen not even the proper knowledge about Salat (Namaz). What to talk about villages and remote areas. Everyone knows that no one is knowledgeable from womb of mother.

It is an obligation on knowledgeable to teach the ignorant. And it in not necessary that the teacher must be Scholar in formal way. (Having great knowledge) (Islahi Aalim hona zaroori Nahin)
Rather those who have learnt one topic of deen he is knowledgeable for that particular topic.

Those educated Muslim who are really worried and vigilant about condition of Muslims and Islam, this teaching preaching to ignorant Muslims the basic deen (e.g Faith, obligatory Prayers etc) is among most important matter.

This engagement is so important and precious that he will not have time to become master of the superfine detail of each and every aspect of knowledge that come across rarely. Knowing all the fine details of all religious issue is a Farz e Kafaya (Certain scholar must be for this) and not obligatory on every muslim. And Farz e Ain (Obligatory duty on all individuals) is superior for common muslim than Farza Kfaya”

(This is translation of excerpts from Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah Book Musalamanon ki Umoomi Taleem o Tarbeeat ka Nizam which has also been published as EK AHAM DEENI DAWAT) page no 30. Soft copy available on http://abulhasanalinadwi.org/ek%20aham%20deeni%20daawat.pdf
Sheikh has quoted Arabic text from Ahyaul uloom 2nd Volume Book of Amar bil Maroof Nahi Anil Munkar and has translated it in Urdu.
We have translated sheikh book in english that is available for download here . Please point any mistake in Translation.
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Muhammad wrote on 26 Nov 2013
The book has poorly constructed sentences.
Blogger's Reply:
Jazakallah, Which book you are referring, Imam Gazhali book Ahyaul uloom/ Sheikh Nadvi book in urdu Musalmanon ki umoomi taleem o tarbiat ka nizam / the english translation of the sheikh book.

If you are referring the translation the translators have generously accepted their limitation in translation. Some competent brothers should come forward for review and its improvement.
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