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20th November 2012

We people use many things to learn and spread Islam. I want suggest and share some thing with all of you that how do we improve our believe and faith with the help of Quran and Hadees.

I listened that from Molana Saad Sb (belongs to Nizam Uddin Tableeghi Markaz, India) during TABLEEGHI IJTIMA in Pakistan that 4 things should we follow:

1. Speak and discuss about creation of this universe that how amazingly Allah created all these
2. How Allah supported their messengers
3. How Allah supported our SAHABA
4. Signs of Imaan (believe) written in Quran and Hadees.

We should do this every day with our Muslim brothers and sisters and make them agree to follow this too. It makes change our heart slowly slowly and one day it comes from tongue to deep heart.

I am here to support if any one need. You may contact through my skype id: ismkhd

I said sorry because my English is very poor. Please make me correct if I did any mistake.

Later I want explain way of DAWAH (Tableegh) insha Allah.

Remember me in your prays.

Assalam o Alykum
Ismail Shah
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