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Detach from this World to be Free

posted by ummi taalib on 16th February 2019 - 0 comments
A person said to a certain Shaykh, "Advise me", and he said to him, "Be a king in this world and you will be a king in the next". When he said, "How might I do that?" the Shaykh answered,

Renounce this world and you will be a king in the next.

He meant, detach your needs and your passions from this world, for kingship lies in being free and able to dispense with everything.

Imam Ghazali (Rahimahullah)

Special Characteristics of the Prophet (peace be upon him)

posted by Seifeddine-M on 12th February 2019 - 0 comments
The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم was distinguished with specific qualities: 1) The Seal of the Prophets عليهم الصلاة والسلام. This is due to Allaah's statement سبحانه و تعالى: "Muhammad is not the father of any of you men, but rather he is the Messenger of Allaah and the seal (i.e. last) of the prophets. And Allaah is Ever All-Aware of everything." (Sooratul-Ahzaab, 33:40) 2) The leader of the Messengers عليهم الصلاة والسلام.

Saudi Arabia, Russia, Americans, Oil and the Deobandees

posted by Muadh_Khan on 9th February 2019 - 0 comments
1. What is the history of Britain in Saudi Arabia?
2. What role did USSR and Russian Muslims play in the history of Saudi Arabia?
3. How did Saudi Arabia align itself with America?
4. What role did the Deobandees play in the history of Saudi Arabia?

Jumādá al-Ākhirah 1440 Moonsighting

posted by Muadh_Khan on 2nd February 2019 - 0 comments

Reviver from the Sleep of Heedlessness

posted by ummi taalib on 2nd February 2019 - 0 comments

Dhikr is the means by which Stations yield their fruit, until the seeker reaches the Divine Presence. On the journey to the Divine Presence the seed of remembrance is planted in the heart and nourished with the water of praise and the food of glorification, until the tree of dhikr becomes deeply rooted and bears its fruit. It is the power of all journeying and the foundation of all success.

"It is the reviver from the sleep of heedlessness, the bridge to the One remembered"

Follow the Sunnah, Avoid Distraction

posted by Muadh_Khan on 28th January 2019 - 0 comments

Who were the Ulama of Deoband?

posted by Muadh_Khan on 23rd January 2019 - 0 comments
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. اَلسَلامُ عَلَيْكُم وَرَحْمَةُ اَللهِ وَبَرَكاتُهُ‎ [*]Lifestyle [*]Discipline [*]Communication [*]Feedback [*]WhatsApp [*]YouTube

We rule! Not our Body parts and Emotions

posted by ummi taalib on 14th January 2019 - 4 comments
Kings have subjects whom he rules and he has people in high positions i.e. ministers, who help him rule the Kingdom. Similarly we are the kings and we have body parts and emotions who are the subjects. Imam Ghazali (رحمه الله) writes that the person rules his body parts and emotions and they do not rule over him. If they (Body parts and emotions) obey him and he does not obey them then the person will attain the level of a king in this world. He says if we wish to be true kings in this world then we should control the five and half feet bodies we have i.e. we should control our eyes, ears, tongues etc. and we should think, feel and say according to the wishes of Allah ta’ala.

Imam Ghazali (رحمه الله) mentions the story of a Wali of Allah ta’ala who was told by a Prince to ask him for his needs. The Wali of Allah ta’ala replied,

“Is that the way to speak to me when I have two servants who are your masters?” The Prince asked who were his masters and the Wali of Allah ta’ala replied that they were greed and desires. He said, “I have conquered them but they have conquered you. I rule over them and they rule over you.”

If we conquer these two bad traits of greed and desires then we are masters over them. People may be kings and have authority but if they are ruled by greed and desires then they are servants to these two traits.

“The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of God” by Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali

Blog updated for 2019

posted by Yasin on 10th January 2019 - 4 comments
Salam, The blog has been updated. Noteworthy: Manage Blog link will be found at the top under your username. HTML format has been removed completely for now and the forum bbcode editor is moved here for cleaner layout on the blog page. Background image options have also improved and the banner can now be larger.

Gender, Transgender, LGBTQ and Children in Islam

posted by Muadh_Khan on 7th January 2019 - 0 comments

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