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I am a muslim

10th May 2013
I am a Muslim

Tell me Sunni, Tell me Shia, Better yet, Tell me MUSLIM!

Why are the Muslims killing each other?
Shouldn't they stand strong together
Where has the prophets Ummah gone
Divided into sections and torn
Brothers and sisters are against each other
Where is the peace and where is the honour
What happened to the one Islam
Now its accusations and hatred, No Salaam
Don't know hypocrites from those who are honest
Everyone thinks they are the strongest
They say Islam is equality
But they have reversed that mentality
Why don't the scholars stand and fight
Teach the youth what's really right
They're too worried about the history
Turned Islam into misery
Categorized as Sunni or Shia,
No more brother and no more sister,
Instead of pointing out whats positive
They're busy glaring at the negative
Instead of learning from good character
They're busy complaining who was Khalifa
Not realizing time is passing by,
Look at Allah the most high
Was there Sunni or Shia in our prophets time?
I dare any person to confront and say yes some time
We don't even recongnise a hadith from a lie
Everything is reversed, and the truth is starting to die
Why cant there be unity?
What happened to humanity?
Who are we to judge whats right and whats wrong
This world is coming to an end, time is not long

Tell me Sunni, Tell me Shia, Better yet, Tell me MUSLIM!
What are the five Pillars of ISLAM?
How many times a day do we all pray?
In what month do we all fast?
Which Holy book do we all read?
Who is our Prophet that we follow?
To tell us how to act tomorrow!
Muhammad (SAW)!
Who is Our Lord?
Who is going to Raise ISLAMS WEAKENED SWORD?
Allah (SWT)!
Muslims, Brothers, Sisters, Stand strong as ONE not two's, As an UMMAH not sectors,As a WHOLE not divided And don't say i am Sunni or Shia, Simply say,

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