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When My Parents Went To Hajj

2nd February 2013
My parents were ready to go to Hajj. They gave me all my presentsI didnt even know about. I learnt a lesson from this because my dad told me to be pateint but I didnt listen for one or two days
but then I just forgot about it afterwards.

When I forgot about it, on Wednesday; a day before my parents went to Hajj, I got all my presents,
so did my lttle sister because she was very patient and didn't even argue or mention anything about it!

We came to the last day of seeing our parents before they go on for 40 days of worshipping, supplicating and reciting etc. It was on an early Thursday morning. We had breakfast together. It was time for me to go to school and say khudahafis to my parents. I cried and so did the rest. I was scared I might never see them again! But Alhamdulillah they came back safe and sound!

The moral of this true stories is to be patient
and ask from Allah.
posted by ibn zakir on 2nd February 2013 - 0 comments


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