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khalid bin al waleed

20th April 2012
Chapter 3: The Battle of Uhud
Chapter 4: The Battle of the Ditch
Chapter 5: The Conversion of Khalid
Chapter 6: Mutah and the Sword of Allah
Chapter 7: The Conquest of Makkah
Chapter 8: The Battle of Hunain
Chapter 9: The Siege of Taif
Chapter 10: Adventure of Daumat-ul-Jandal

Part II: The Campaign of the Apostasy

Chapter 11: The Gathering Storm
Chapter 12: Abu Bakr Strikes
Chapter 13: Tulaiha The Imposter
Chapter 14: False Lords and Ladies
Chapter 15: The End of Malik bin Nuwaira
Chapter 16: The Battle of Yamamah
Chapter 17: The Collapse of the Apostasy

Part III: The Invasion of Iraq

Chapter 18: The Clash with Persia
Chapter 19: The Battle of Chains
Chapter 20: The Battle of the River
Chapter 21: The Hell of Walaja
Chapter 22: The River of Blood
Chapter 23: The Conquest of Hira
Chapter 24: Anbar and Ain-ut-Tamr
Chapter 25: Daumat-ul-Jandal Again
Chapter 26: The Last Opposition
Chapter 27: The Perilous March
Chapter 28: Deeper into Syria
Chapter 29: The Battle of Ajnadein
Chapter 30: The Conquest of Damascus
Chapter 31: The Unkind Cut
Chapter 32: The Battle of Fahl
Chapter 33: The Conquest of Emessa
Chapter 34: The Eve of Yarmuk
Chapter 35: Al-Yarmuk
Chapter 36: The Completion of the Conquest
Chapter 37: Farewell to Arms
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