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Supplication For The Mujahedeen

2nd June 2011
Supplication For The Mujahedeen

O Allah Revealer of the book, Recompenser of the final account, Destroyer of the confederates. O Most Powerful, O Most Magnificent! O Allah, verily we ask you to desperse their ( The Enemy's ) gunfire ( Upon Our Warriors ) and to shake the ground from beneath their feet and strike terror into their hearts. O Allah, cripple thier support and blin vision and send upon them decay and disease. O Allah, divide them againts one another and disperse their unity and strike heavy discord amongst thier ranks, and make them flee to their destrution,and show us from amongst your wonders and strenght that you mete out to them,and make an example of them for those who are heedless. O Allah quicken their defeat and make their wealth war booty for the muslim"

" O Allah grant aid and victory to our brothers? The mujhahideen and the unite thier ranks and bring them together upon theworld of the truth. O Allah, direct their aim and strengthen their suooort, and make them steadfast and send upon them your tranquillity and heal their hearts and guide them to all that is good and cause us(who spit ay home) to join their ranks,O answerer of supplications".

"O Allah, give them authority and rule, and aid them with your army of the heavens and the earth,O lord of the worlds"

An peace and blessings of Allah be uopn his messengers and his family and all the companions.
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