A Ruler and a Dog

21st October 2020
Once, there ruled over Bokhara a very cruel ruler who, one
day, was riding a horse when he espied a mangy dog, shivering with
cold. He was moved to tears and told one of his servants to take the
dog to his house and care for it till he returned from the ride. Saying
this, he went on his errand and came back in the evening. On com-
ing home he called for the dog, had it tethered in the corner of his
house, served it food and drink, and told his servants to massage its
body with oil and cover it with blankets to protect it against the cold.
Then he lit a fire to keep it warm and comfortable. Two days later,
the ruler died. A saint, who was aware of the ruler's cruelly and his
wrong-doings, saw him in a dream and asked him, How did you fare
(in the Reckoning)?" The ruler said, "I was made to stand before
Allah Ta'ala who said to me , "You were (like) a dog (in as much as
you had cruel, beastly, inhuman ways) and We have granted you
(forgiveness by virtue of your showing mercy) to a dog" Then, Allah
Ta'ala, in His infinite Mercy, took upon Himself the requital of all
the cruelties and wrongs done by me to others. (Musaamiraat)

Infinite is the Bounty of Allah Ta'ala and he is the Sovereign Lord of
all who are generous to others! No one can attain to a true know-
ledge of the extent of His Magnanimity. He may, at will, grant
salvation to a man, pleased with what might seem a small act of
virtue. Therefore, one should seek His pleasure at all times, never
regarding an act of virtue to be insignificant, for, a man never knows
which of his deeds might please his Lord.

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