11th October 2020
Hadhrat Sheikh Abdul Fawaris Shah Bin Shuja Kirmaani (rahmatullahi alayh) prior to his
reformation and renunciation of the world was the king of Kirmaan. One day in pursuit of a
prey, he was separated from the hunting party. He found himself alone in a desolate
Suddenly he saw a young man seated on the back of a lion while many beasts were around
him. When the animals saw the king, they leapt towards him, but the young man restrained
them. The wild animals submitted to his command.
When the young man came near to the king, he said:"Assalaa mu Alaikum! O king! How
oblivious are you of Allah Ta`ala. You have forgotten the Aakhirah for the sake of the world.
In pursuit of carnal pleasures you have cast aside the service of your King (Allah Ta`ala).
Allah Ta`ala gave you the world to assist you to serve Him. But you have made it a medium
of attaining pleasure and luxury."
While the young man was admonishing the king, an old woman appeared with a cup in her
hand, which she handed to him. The young man drank it and gave the remainder to the king.
After the king drank, he commented: "I never drank any drink so cold and so delicious."
Meanwhile the old woman disappeared.
The young man said: "The old woman is the world. Allah Ta`ala instructed her to serve me.
Are you not aware that when Allah Ta`ala created the earth, He said: 'O Earth! Serve
whoever serves Me and enslave into your service whoever serves you.'"
The king was a completely reformed person. He repented, gave up his kingdom and
renounced the world. All the spiritual wonders which thereafter emanated from Hadhrat
Kirmaani (rahmatullahi alayh) are well known.
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