The request of Tilawat (recitation) by one in a grave

8th October 2020
The respected father of Hazrat Shah Waliyullah used to state that Shaikh Bayazid Gho decided to travel to Haramain. Lots of old people, children and women got ready with him even though they had no provisions for this journey. My brothers and I agreed that they should be brought back. When we reached Taglak Abad the day had become unbearably hot. We sat down under the shade of a tree for a rest. During this all my friends went to sleep and I was left alone to look after their clothes and belongings. I started to recite Quran to keep myself awake. I went silent after reciting a few Surahs. Suddenly someone from a grave close to me said addressing me "I have been dying to hear the Quran for a long time. If you could recite some more I would really appreciate it." I did some more Tilawat and went quiet. The person in the grave requested again. I recited some more. Upon my going silent he requested a third time. I accepted his request a third time and recited some more verses from the Quran. After this he came into the dream of my brothers who where sleeping by me and said, "I have asked him to recite the Quran again and again, now I am feeling embarrassed. Could you ask him to recite a large portion of the Quran and feed my soul by it?" He got up and told me of the dream. I recited a larger portion of the Quran and I felt the happiness of the ones in these graves and they said to me Jazakallahu Annee Khairan.

After this I asked him about the after life. He said "I do not know anything about these other graves but I shall tell you about my self. Ever since I left this world I have not seen any punishment, even though I have not received a lot of blessings." I asked him, "Do you know the reason why you have been saved?" He replied "I always tried to stay away from worldly disputes, tried to remain in remembrance of Allah and to stay away from the things that took me away from worship. Even though I was not successful in my intention, Allah liking my intention gave me this reward."

(Anfasul-Arifeen pg 114)
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