My father, the hero

3rd October 2020
Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Zubayr (R.A) says, "During the Battle of Khandaq, myself and Umar bin Abu Salama(R.A) were put with the women and children in a fortress (because we were both very young). He would bend over for me to get on to his back so that I could watch (the battle). I watched my father (Hadhrat Zubayr R.A) sometimes fighting here, sometimes there and tackling anyone that confronted him. When he came to us in the fortress that evening, I said to him, 'Dear father, I watched you today and saw what you were doing.' 'Did you really see me?' he asked. 'I sure did,' I replied. He then said, 'May my parents be sacrificed for you."' (2)
Hadhrat Urwa (R.A) says that during the Battle of Yarmook, the Sahabah(R.A) said to Hadhrat Zubayr (R.A), "Will you not lead an attack so that we may join you?" Hadhrat Zubayr (R.A) said to them, "If I lead the attack, you will fail in your word (to fight with me)." "We will not," they assured him. Hadhrat Zubayr(R.A) then attacked the enemy so fiercely that he penetrated past their ranks without the support of anyone else. However, as he returned, the enemy grabbed the reins of his horse and inflicted two wounds on his shoulder on either side of the wound that he sustained during the Battle of Badr. Hadhrat Urwa (R.A) says that (the wounds were so deep that) as a child he used to playfully put his finger into those wounds. With Hadhrat Zubayr(R.A) on that day was his son Abdullaah who was only ten years of age. Hadhrat Zubayr (R.A) put Hadhrat Abdullaah (R.A) on a horse and left him in the care of one of the men. (3)

(2) Bayhaqi, as quoted in AIBidaaya wan Nihaaya (Vo1.4 Pg.107).
(3) Bukhari

(Hayatus Sahaba Vol 1)
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