My horrid and deceptive and destructive experience with noor zamaan and followe

8th June 2017
Assalamu alykum.

Im new hear and as my username says, Im dam afraid and doubtful, hurt in my deen and live now.
Many things, which barely anybody would believe had been happening to me and my family over 13 years, specially the last 1 to 2 years were an unbelievable freak show.

Much evil and destruction, to the point of several attempts of suicide,  had been caused by my better half and those cursed fake peers, molvis in sheep coats, wanna be amils, who were actually in reality the right hand and ignorant tools of ibles and its children.

My experiecen with noor zamaan, his students, his khalifa and those so callled pious ulema , being amils, have been a non stop living nightmare without the wake up call, the movie poltergeist is nothing compaired to the shit we had to endure, from beating, fixation,blaming me, mind control, hallucinations.....Calling jinnat and devils muwwakkils, physical and psychological damages.......

its something the world has to know about and be warned about...

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