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29th January 2009
In a recent query by a ghair muqallid sister about the method of salah and why we females do not pray as males and why we do not pray the way which is prescribed in the authentic ahadith( according to them), I tried in vain to explain the stand of the ahle sunnah wal jammat; when all else failed and the questioneer was as stubborn as possible and I was frustrated I just retorted that come what may I would continue praying as I am because it is easier to focus on Allah swt in this manner than in the manner in which they prescribe praying because there the focus is more on shaitan and his doings-- go on striking his head in tashahud, join feet with feet so that he doesnt enter in between go on lifting your arms and hands to prevent him from creeping into your armpits etc. This answer seemed to silence the questioneer rather than any of the dalail I was trying to put forth; so once again proving the saying" Tukalimun nasa ala qadri aqoolihim " !
I seek Allah swt's forgiveness for being rude and for the feeling of pride which the conversation generated in my heart.
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