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A wake up call

23rd January 2009
When in Jordan I saw the plight
of those bearing the badge
of being successors of the blessed companions
buried in the same soil upon which they tread*
so pompously , so shamelessly, with the past
forgotten and forsaken so brazenly.

I saw you my brothers so neatly
having shaved off even the traces of sunnah
from your faces- nay your lives in general;
that carefree gait in outfits so alien
to those beneath the soil.

My heart bled at the sight of my sisters
for upholding whose honour , they
sacrificed their own- and much more;
I saw you sisters, failing at first
To recognize you as my own
siblings from a common tree?

My eyes flooded at the sight
Of you imitating and clinging
To those from whose clutches
You were so painfully released.

I wonder if one of those
who gave up their lives
for your honour and eternity
would see you selling both
at a price too low.

I did pray for the earth to open up
and remove the painful sight
of free flowing wine all around
on the same soil wherein its
destroyers lay ????

What will it take my brothers and sisters
to waken you up to reality and realize
that the sacrifices made for you were real ?
What will bring back the memories of those
who left their homes, their nears and dears
to make your eternal life beautiful ?
I know that Allah will never waste their efforts
for He loved them so , for loving you so—
But I wish and pray that you wake up
Before He decides to awaken you.

For, His awakening – my brothers and sisters
Is a mighty affair and not so easy a task.
I wish and pray that you do awaken
before the rain of His jolts overtakes you.
I hope and pray that your sleep lessens
by the sounds of His alarm for those around you.
I hope and pray that you do not wait for the
Final jolt whose impact on you, we cannot bear
As you for us , my brothers are very dear.

*About 18000 sahaba(RA) are believed to be buried in Jordan.

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