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Vices of the tongue.

23rd January 2009
The dangers of the tongue are more serious than those of the other organs of the body . This is due to two reasons:
1) Among the parts of the body, the tongue is the one which leads the other parts towards piety or evil. In a hadith narrated by Hazrat Muaz RA, “ People will be thrown into hellfire head first
because of the careless usage of their tongues” ( Mishkat hadith 29)
In another narration it is said that, “when a man wakes up in the morning, all the other body parts address the tongue thus: “For Allah’s sake, have mercy on us and fear Allah with regard to us for we are deeply attached to you; if you remain straight, we will move straight and if you resort to crookedness, we will all resort to crooked ways”. (Mishkat hadith 4838)
2) The vices of the tongue impair all the hard earned virtues like humility, generosity and justice; talking too much makes one forget Allah swt and so ends all humility; gossiping and vain talk destroys our relationships with each other and whatever a man says creates an effect in his own heart e.g. when a man talks angrily he gets colored in an angry attitude; when the heart turns bad, it takes no time to create evil.
Six dangers of the tongue:
1) To indulge in all sorts of discussions and talking about every subject- this fills the imagination with all kinds of distractions and when such a person turns towards Allah in salah etc .he finds no pleasure in his heart and he loses the capacity to focus on Allah or to think about the truth. This is why we have been prohibited from indulging in ‘what does not concern us’.
“Among the beauties of the islam of a person is that he shuns all ‘that does not concern him’” (Mishkat hadith no 4839.)
2) Those words which spark off quarrels and fights among people e.g. gossiping , arguing, denying the truth etc; these sow the seeds of discord in hearts.
3) The words which encourage the dominance of lust or evil desires in the heart e.g. Using abusive and dirty language, glorifying women in poetry; the former makes lust overpower the heart and the latter makes the heart enjoy evil thoughts.
4) Those words which spring out of ignorance about Allah swts’s authority or about His treasures e.g. Calling someone’ king of kings ‘ or praising someone beyond decent limits.
5) Those words which are against the good of the community or against the shariat; the words which encourage such acts as are prohibited in the shariat e.g. praising wine or its sources, creating confusions about the clear words of the Quran etc.
6) Shameless or indecent talk which is attributed to shayateen like talking shamelessly and openly about the private parts of the body or promoting superstitions like calling a house unlucky etc.
Translation- Rahmat-ullahi- al wasiah; chapter 4.part 3.

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