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Torture And Persecution

3rd January 2011
The acceptance of Sayyidina Umar R.A had a significant effect on the handful of muslims of Makkah, who till now had to observe secercy in the worship of Allah S.W.T. Their spirits and courage had risen to such an extend that they risked going out of Dar-ul-Arkam to preach islam.

The Quraysh tried to bribe Rasoollulah S.A.W to forego Islaamin exange for gifts of wealth or anything he would like. But they failed to persuade him to agree to anything that would be harmful to Islaam. With Sayyidina Umar and Sayyidina Hamzah R.A now fully united into the fold of Islaam, the Quraysh turned to torture and persercution of the lowest degree and of the ost brutal kind.

Sayyidina Bilal R.A the slave of Umayya bin Khalaf was laid flat on his back on hot sand. A hot heavy stone was placed on his chest and was beaten while his hands were tied behind his back.

Sayyidina Uthman R.A a rich and prosperous man of the Banoo Umayya tribe was tied with ropes by his uncle and beaten and tortured.

Sayyidina Zubayr bin al Awaam R.A was rolled in a mat and forced to inhale smoke until he suffocated. Sayyidina Aboo Zar Ghiffary R.A belonged to the Ghaffar tribe of Madeenah. On hearing of Rasoollulah S.A.W he travelled all the way form Madeenah to meet Rasoolulah S.A.W. On their very first meeting , Sayyidina Aboo Zar R.A accepted Islaam and with the joy of Islaam cin his heart he went up to the Kaabah and recited the Kalimah and an ayaah from the Quran very loudly and imediately the Quraysh set up on him and beat him unconscious. Sayyidina Abaas R.A who was not a muslim as yet he recognized Aboo Zar R.A and being from the tribe that the Quraysh bought dates and Sayyidina Abbaas stopped the Quraysh from assaulting him further. This saved Aboo Zar R.A life and he went home a more determined Muslim inspite the torture inflicted upon him.

Aboo Jahl killed Sayyiditina Summayyah R.A with a sharp spear in such a shameful manner that there is no parallel of such torture in history.

Some helpless muslims like Sayyidina Khabbab bin Areatt R.A were tied and pushed into a flaming fire.
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