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Our Beloved (S.A.W)

2nd January 2011
Our Beloved (S.A.W)

How wonderful the way he entered Madeenah
Sweet little girls singing Tala'al Badru Alayna

And with the help of the Ansaar
He built a Masjeed for Rahmaan

Using stones and even trees
For us they built the Masjeed-al-Nabwee

So Merciful was he
He made a pact with his sworn jewish enemy

He patiently bore the Munafiqoon
And at Badr and Uhad he fought the Kafiroon

Relations with the Jews were very hostile
But into the Trench of Salmaan, they fell, line after line

The Treaty of Hudaibiyah was a much needed truce
So our Beloved could invite the worldly kingsto the truth

At Khaybar the Jews thought themselves secure
But at the hand of Ali their fortress was no-more

With lowered gaze he conquered Makkah
Today no blame on you so praise your Allah

At the battle of Hunain he threw a hand full of sand
Which made the flee destroying there plan

At Tabook all lives were spared
And at farewell hajj the last sermon was shared

His sad demise took place at Rawdha
Oh Allah help us to keep alive his Sunnah

Salli Alayhi, Ya Rabbal Aalameen
Sallim aala, Rahmatal Aalameen

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