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Admit your Mistake whenever you are wrong

13th July 2011
When Bilqees arrived, she was amazed to see her throne and realized what power Allah (swt) had given to Prophet Sulayman (as). She then entered the palace through the courtyard whose floor was made of glass. Thinking that it was a pool of water, she raised her clothes to pass through it. When Prophet Sulayman (as) informed her, what it was, she was overwhelmed with wonder and accepted him to be a prophet of Allah (swt). She said, "O Lord, I have wronged myself in worshipping the sun instead of you. I therefore give in myself with Sulayman to You, the Lord of the Worlds."

Prophet Sulayman (as) then married Bilqees and thereafter she returned to her land, where he visited her frequently. The people of Saba who were sun-worshippers, were converted to believe in Allah (swt) and to worship none other than Him.
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