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True personality

posted by faisy43 on 1st November 2013 - 0 comments
I right about myself in this article and I tell you such facts which people don’t like to discuss ever there friends and I do this because I want to know about your thoughts what you think. I know this will be most difficult thing to write myself.
Who I am?
I am am Muslim by name just because nowadays no one can say that he is a true muslim and In worse people try to become more muslim in front of your eyes. I totally disagree with it. I do some noble deeds but try to feel ashamed about my past what I did and what I am doing most of the time I defend myself for those people who try to say me I am doing wrong I am wasting time. At the end I want to say that we all are defend those things which are wrong not authentic the only thing we need to come on right path.
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