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Collection of Best Islamic eBooks

28th October 2013
Islam is the religious beliefs of peacefulness and absolution. Repentance is an essential aspect in Deen and it reveals the gates to solution and the achievement of Heaven. Allah is the most merciful forgiver.Indeed the Information of Allâh is not a magazine like any other, it is the amazing Conversation of Allâh, not a designed factor, a research guide for lifestyle and loss of lifestyle and what comes after. Therefore it should get a more research than anyone else's speech. It demands that its audience come back to the beginning narrations of those who experienced its exposure and observed its description by the one deputed by Allâh to use and describe His Terms to humankind (sallallâhu 'alayhe wa sallam). For if one would try to wonder over the definitions of the passages without having done this research, then absolutely the dirt of enough time that he lifestyles in and his lack of knowledge of the appropriate program and knowing that the beginning Muslims had would cause him to comprehend some factors not designed by Allâh Most Great, and therefore he would go down the wrong path, considering to be worshipping Allâh.

We have a large range of muslim apps EBooks collection where you can easily download into your android mobiles. Our collection include Masail Qurbani, Shaitan Say Interview, Khawab or Tabeer, Tambako noshi ki tabah kariya, Qurani or masnon Duaye, Salat ul muslims, Aham amor per Tanbiya, Rehmat k Fareshtay, Ijazat lene k ahkam, Aulia Allah k Pechan, Bidat Ki Pahchan or Us Ki Tabahkaria and many more in one place.You can earn virtues by downloading islamic apps into your mobile and read them.
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