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26th October 2013
MyIslamiApps provide a golden opportunity for our visitors. We provide the platform where you can Read & Recite the Holy Quran islamic apps and you can directly download Islamic application from your mobile devices and tablets. You can download My Adhan with Prayer Times, wallpaper of Madina and Makah city, Islamic boys and girlÂ’s names, Read Muta Imam malik and more. You can easily find out applications, browse a gallery of screenshots for an application or even watch a video demonstrating it.

People can easily download islamic android apps in their mobiles. Study Sahih Al-Muslim Hadith Book translated in Urdu language on your Android phones. With built in text customization features. User can send or share any Hadith or part of any Hadith in Urdu to his / her friends through many social sites like Facebook and twitter.

Surah Yousaf - Surah Yaseen - Surah Ar-Rahman - Surah Mulk - Surah Muzammil** Listen full Recitation of these 5 Quran surahs with Voice of 9 Qaries with 20+ Authentic Translations in your Android phones. Its Quran Karim's Favorite Chapters! Very beautiful and heart touching recitation by most famous reciters in the Wold synchronized with 20+ translation with displaying Arabic text. Quran Arabic text is synchronized with each reciting ayah.
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