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East turns West - West stays

21st January 2009
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem,

In an age where appearance reflects the character beyond reality, Muslims have sunk deep into materialistic values and ethics. Listed below will be weaknesses, anti-Shar'ee preferences and in simple words, the weak state of Muslims.

1) Changing to suit their needs

Firstly, the KUFFAR do NOT need us to change to be accepted. It makes me laugh at the stupidity of Muslims who throw away their scarves, trash the Niqaab, shave the beards and get ghetto disgusting hair cuts to "fit in".

Here are some quotes:
"If we're gonna live here, we have to fit in"


Does a christian grow his beard and wear an Imaamah (turban) when they visit a Muslim country?

Let alone christians, does a monkey start eating dears because they're around lions? Does a cat start barking because it's living with dogs?

Yet, Muslims start acting, behaving, dressing and speaking like Kuffar because they live in the west. Very subtle indeed.

"We can't success in society if we live in the past. The world has changed"

Funny how the world has changed yet the Qur'aan hasn't (note I said 'funny' and not a miracle). Funny how people (Muslims) change yet their Lord, the creator of the universe is still the One and only, uninfluenced and guides the world with the same set of rules.

Does the sun let out less heat in the west because they can't handle it? Does rain and strong weather change course because it interferes with modern technology? Yet, a Muslim has to give up his living rights, yes living rights just to succeed in society.

Besides the fact that the true Muslims spread Islam to far corners where Islam was hated. Inhumane individuals accepted the true path and changed and succeeded yet in 'modern times' we cannot succeed with a beard? If a rule book was written on how to succeed in western society, I would love to see where "No scarf, no Niqaab and no beard" would come.

Did Nabi (s) not succeed in life? Did the Sahaabah Kiraam not get rich without the love of this world? Are Muslims not wealthy anymore? You yourself know it's not true but fail to see it due to the blinding glamour the west has sprinkled on the Muslims via the TV, advertising and naked roaming in the streets.

2) Participating in Western celebrations

When was the last time Eid was celebrated by Kuffar? Why have employees never been given shorter hours or late hours because they’re fasting? Nothing changes for a Muslim. Yet, Muslims give Christmas cards which represents Shirk (the only sin that cannot be forgiven), Muslims celebrate new year, 5th November and worst of all, Muslims celebrate birthdays. I mean seriously, a party on a day that you were born? Since when did Muslims start this? Since when was it an accomplishment of the baby to be born to celebrate it in their honour? Should Allah not be praised on the day? Should charity not be given to those children who are deprived of families? Or should one stuff their stomachs with cake and snacks till they bloat up like an air balloon?

The state of Muslims are so weak that they use ISLAM to celebrate Kuffar man-made days of (in)significance. They say maybe the Kuffar will be affected and be drawn towards Islam? Get real people, how in the heavens does becoming them bring them towards becoming us? That’s like eating pork hoping Kuffar start eating Halaal meat.

3) Wasting yourself

This is the most troubling of the lot. A lot of people find it hard to comprehend let alone speak out. OUR Muslim sisters, who go to Darul Uloom Ulooms, become so called “Aalimahs” – female scholars – come out worse than they went it. From recent studies by Allah fearing Aalimahs who are concerned, discovered that only 1 in 30 graduates of Girls Islamic Schools (boarding) turn out to be a Muslim.

Some have met guys on the internet and ran off. Yes RAN away from home with them. Do not fear the hereafter? What did they do in the Islamic institutes? Were they forced? Tortured? Beaten? If anything, they had too much freedom there. Any graduate would confirm that.

Some have started college or university, Niqaabs off, Jilbaab off, Hijaab off, modesty off, respect off, shamefulness buried, hair out, make up on, figure displayed and walk those grounds half naked to become whatever they’re trying to become.

Some start to teach at Madrasah, yet half the time goes on the mobile phone to guys they met on the INTERNET (amazing). Do they not fear anything at all?

In other words, they have wasted their life away which was supposed to be in the lines of piety, prosperity, guidance, role model, acceptance and the revival of Deen which is being slaughtered by Kuffar and Muslims. All this just because they’re living in the west where Islam has no space amongst Muslims
posted by crazy-muslims on 21st January 2009 - 4 comments


faqirah wrote on 22 Jan 2009
MashaAllah; very well worded eye opener;may Allah guide us all towards upholding what we represent with grace and dignity.
Shaheda wrote on 28 Mar 2009
Knowledge is the mind of a person is worth nothing unless Taqwa fills their heart. And this is equally applicable to men and women. May Allah protect and correct us all. Aameen.
Let it not be that we fall in error and dwell therein, thereafter. But that, at least our knowledge - what little we have of it - enable us to scale the walls of the pits of sin and hasten back to the Mercy of Allah.
Allahummaghfirlanaa ajma'een!
umm summaya wrote on 22 May 2009
jazakallah, for this post, we certainly are crazy muslims, trying our best to fit in by immitating the non-muslims.
love all your posts, jazakallah for sharing them.
Brother wrote on 24 Jul 2009
salams, i happened to be flicking through the various blogs and happened to come across your informative blog.

May Allah reward you for your efforts, and increase in your sincerity.

You have in the upper section of your blog, made references to obtaining and verifying, authentic information. However you are making in the "East turns West - West stays", some incredible points such as "only 1 in 30 graduates of Girls Islamic Schools (boarding) turn out to be a Muslim" which can hardly be authentic and verified research.

I would be grateful if you could give me specific and detailed information relating to these studies.

I hope you can quite clearly understand the need for accurate and verified information, especially with regards to a large group of people and the nature of the statements made, with regards to them.

Awaiting your kind reply, many thanks and once again may Allah reward you many times over!
Blogger's Reply:
Wa-Alaikum Salaam,

The study is not a continuous year by year survey or statistics but an estimate from current classes where from over a hundred in the class, only a handful actually practice, teach. Many have removed their veil, full covering and joined the western life in a heart beat. Hundreds are found on facebook where they do NOT in ANY way look like qualified Aalimah's who are meant to lead the Muslimahs.

If the 1 in 30 is an exaggeration then I'd change it to 1 in 5. But how is that any better? The concern is still high and the disgust adds by the day.

I pray that this changes and that I am proved wrong but sadly it is the case.

Hoping to read Aalimah's comments on the above.

Jazakallah for your comment brother.
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