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20th September 2008
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


I will be gathering information which tackles all the crazy Muslims today. From the so called Salaf to the green party Bid'ah groups.

All information will be with proof and sources as far as possible.

The blog will tackle as many sects as I can cover who cause unwanted divisions in Islam.

For those who might doubt my position or credentials to have such a topic on a blog, I am not from amongst the Awaam Alhamdulillah.

I look forward to taking part on this new section to this amazing web site.

posted by crazy-muslims on 20th September 2008 - 5 comments


zy wrote on 20 Sep 2008
I am intrigued to know who exactly you are referring to when u say "crazy muslims", and who the many sects are.
unfortunately members of each so called sect are quick to deride other "viewpoints" that may be correct despite not entirely coinciding with theirs.
Blogger's Reply:

They are Muslims who either go extreme in love for Nabi (saw) or go extreme in love for certain Sahaabah over other Sahaabah. What I wish to gather in this blog is answering their claims of authenticity of their actions using their own work.

I have seen how weak their ways are yet they try to misguide.

I say "Crazy Muslims" because they are Muslims, they just lost their way from one period of time through another.
sister wrote on 24 Sep 2008
Assalaamu alyakum,

some so called sects are not muslims.........such as ismailies, and there are more....i look forward to seeing your blog develop inshaAllah

Anonymous wrote on 29 Sep 2008
Alhamdulillaah....looking great!!
Admire your determination mashaAllah.
zy wrote on 30 Sep 2008
Great Work MashaAllah!
abu mohammed wrote on 11 Apr 2011

I've just read most of your posts, MashaAllah.

My one serious question is, WHERE ARE YOU? You havent posted anything in a long time, your contribution is vital.

Have you started as a different user, (because I know you aren't me) and that your work can be compaired to those from whom I learn a lot from you are proving to be one of them.

Please continue, every little helps.
Blogger's Reply:

I am pretty sure we don't know each other as I'm pretty sure from your work that you're in London?

Jazakallahu Khair for your encouragement. I usually post here when I have something on my mind. I feel that's when I can be most direct and have the best counter arguments to the weak Muslims (crazy muslim's) madness.
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