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Taraweeh - 8 or 20 -Urdu (removed)

27th September 2008

8 or 20 Rak'aat - Urdu

I really do apologize but this talk was from a Bid'ati. He was giving our beloved Nabi (s.a.w.) the attributes of Allah (s.w.t.) committing a form of Shirk (Astaghfirullah)

The talk was by Haroon Qadri Attari which has now been removed.

If I find a legitimate source of an Urdu speech about this, Insha-Allahu Ta'ala I will update this post.
posted by crazy-muslims on 27th September 2008 - 1 comment


zakir naik wrote on 31 Aug 2009
taraweeh ka bayan
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