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Deprived - Why do you even bother?

20th February 2010
Dear readers,

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaatuh

The title has most probably already got your attention. It's amazing how important titles are as it can many times determine whether a person will bother to read it or not.

Firstly, what is Deprivation?

I came across many definitions, most of which confuse a person more rather than explaining (well done Oxford). However, the most define definition in a tiny sentence which I think accurately covers the meaning that I found is "The absence, loss, or withholding of something needed."

How many times have you heard the question usually asked in disgust but sugar coated with a smile, "Won't your child feel deprived?"

This question is usually asked upon you saying that you keep your child away from certain things.

Let me now list the things I myself keep my children away from and how others have reacted.

The west are always boasting their freedom act. However, I can without a shadow of a doubt confirm that the west is the most opposite and contrary to freedom countries in the world. One is only free if you follow their way and their way alone otherwise they have titles for FREE thinking people such as "oppressed, extremist, radical" - Probably the most thrown around words in the news.

Back to the topic, I keep my child away from anything with music and TV

Not having an idiot box in my house, also known as a TV, it automatically helps in this. Try to play 1 minute of any channel without hearing music. It's almost too rare to even try. Music influences in many ways. Do I really need to prove this? I used to listen to music and cheerful music/songs also make you cheerful. Angry songs make you angry. Love songs make you feel all mushy. Now, if the love of music enters them at an early age, they grow up listening to song writers lyrics, ideas and thoughts. This then becomes their way of thinking so how has this achieved freedom?


The West: We have no right to keep a child away from Music and TV. It should be their choice. If you keep them away from it, they will grow up to rebel. If you keep them away from it, they will feel deprived.

My Arguments
If you feel, know or believe something to be harmful, you stop your child from it. If your child runs around the house with a sharp knife, will you say "it's his right to, it's his choice, we have no right to stop him"? The knife can hurt him so you will stop him, the music will hurt him so we stop him.

There was a time when swearing, bad language and sexual content was only on after 10pm. Now you can find it around the 24 hours. Even children's shows have half naked women and silly messages and jokes. What seems normal to you will be evil to another. Some people have decency and in argument of fair play or decency, decency gets first step.

In fact, if anything, me stopping my child from TV and music is more practical on the freedom act than you not stopping him. The freedom of choice is to let the child grow to make their own decisions. When you fill their innocent hearts and mind with filthy lyrics and lyrics to help them choose a path, or with TV where they teach you how to dress, act, behave, live (with soaps and dramas), that so many things are okay, you have already made them victims of your choice and to the choice of the writers.

Where is the freedom then? Why did you not let your child make their own decisions? Why did you make them victim to cooperate worlds? At an adults age we can see something on TV and know that it's just TV.

Try telling a child that you should wear decent neat clothes which cover your shame, which do not have evil and nasty pictures on them, which look good, which makes you look good, which makes you look smart, which makes you feel respected... they will look at you like you want them to wear a hedgehog's back.

But as a child, he sees a man in red underwear over blue tights and a red cape on his back and they'll want to wear that because it's Super.

So how can one say TV doesn't influence a child? Yes it does.

So therefore, before judging a Muslims way of life, ask yourself if you act according to your own worries and concerns or if your concerns are even justified with your reasons or are those reasons more to justify the Muslims way of life.

"Real western law is laid by true Islamic values. The practised western law strongly opposes Islamic values. The Islamic law is a more stable version of the western law. The western law changes according to time. The Islamic law is for mankind, the western law is for a democratic leadership. The Islamic law is fair and just. The western law is fair and just only when you have no opinion"

I have put the above in quotes to end with, "Do I really have my freedom to say and think that?"
posted by crazy-muslims on 20th February 2010 - 3 comments


ms wrote on 8 Apr 2010
For some reason I feel I know you.
abu mohammed wrote on 9 Apr 2011
I got to this link from an incident that took place with me and my daughter.

My question to you is "Are you me"?.

Or do we all just think alike.
Blogger's Reply:
I have seen your work and yes, we think alike as do many caring Muslims. However, majority are corrupt and the corruption is like a virus which spreads through to other Muslims. So maybe, I might just be you
Anonymous(For Privacy Reasons) wrote on 20 Nov 2013
THAT WAS A SUPER ARTICLE! Alhamdullilah there a muslims still which are good and spreading the message.
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