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The Red Heart

posted by bint Mohammed on 12th February 2012 - 0 comments
The Red Heart It could have been the splash of red or the overabundance of hearts or the young man in a designer jeans that caught his eye, but Sheikh Hamaad stopped under the bold “Valentine’s day Specials” banner, set his shopping basket on the floor and watched the young man battling to select an appropriate gift from the heaps of hearts, teddy bears and chocolates. Like a busy humming bird he flitted from shelf to shelf struggling to choose. Sheikh Hamaad approached him as he stood scratching his head, “Asalaamu Alaikum, young man, seems like you’re battling to make a choice.” “Eish, Moulana, this is more difficult than I though. And lucky I only have to choose for two of them,” he said, picking up another heart decorated teddy bear, examining the price and putting down with disappointment. “For your sisters?” Sheik asked, feigning innocence.

Valentines Day

posted by bint Mohammed on 16th February 2010 - 0 comments
I came across this and thought I'd share it here.

I know it's a bit late but...

Better late than never.

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