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The Elegant Hijab

10th October 2010
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The pea is a splendid plant.

It proudly displays it's strong green Hijab.

It protects it from hot and cold weather and

guards it from insects.

Allah has blessed the pea with a special Hijab

because without it, the seeds would scatter, dry up and die.

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The orange keeps itself within its shiny orange Hijab

to protect its delicious fruit.

Otherwise it loses its taste too.

So are the banana, the coconut and the

pomegranate. Each one has an elegant and

unique Hijab, which protects it from disease

and destruction.

[img:align=left:style='border:solid 3px #pink'][/img]

The jewel of the sea, the pearl, has been given a very

tough and rugged Hijab -oyster shell. It protects it from

sea animals and keeps it sparkling and shining inside.

However, the most beloved of Allah in all His

creation is the Muslim girl who wears the Hijab.

She knows it is a gift from Allah.

It protects her from harm, injury and mischief.

She wears it knowing it gives her dignity, beauty and respect.

So precious she can be that she hides herself beneath her Hijab.

Do you wear a Hijab? Give it a try today

"O Prophet! Say to your wives and your daughters and the women of the

faithful to draw their outergarments (jilbabs) close around themselves; that is

better that they will be recognized and not annoyed. And God is ever Forgiving,


(Al Quran Al-Ahzab:59)
posted by bint Mohammed on 10th October 2010 - 1 comment


Abu Mohammed wrote on 10 Oct 2010
MashaAllah. Very nice work, different approach.
InshaAllah I will pass it around.
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