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Just a Mother

15th November 2013
If I teach a child to read at school, I'm called a Teacher.
If I teach my child to read Qur'aan and his sunnah Du'aaz at home, then I'm just a mother.

If I plan lessons for a class, I'm called a Curriculum Coordinator.
If educate my child at home, then I'm just a mother.

If I sit and talk to children an hour each, a week, addressing their needs, I'm a Speech Therapist.
If I engage and help my child with sabr every minute of every day, instill proper aadaab n akhlaaq, then I'm just a mother.

If I look after a patient in the hospital, I'm called a Nurse.
If I nurse my child when they're ill, awake all night: none able to replace my reassuring presence, then I'm just a mother.

If I manage my boss's office, I'm called a Secretary
If I organise my children's lives and my home, a place for everything and everything in its place, then I'm just a mother.

If I prepare a meal in a restaurant, I'm called a Chef.
If I cook nutritious meals daily, made with love, remembered forever, then I'm just a mother.

If I work late worrying about a deal for clients, how to make them as much money as I can, I'm a Career Woman.
If I stay up worrying and planning my children's deeni future, the deeni future of our world, then I'm just a mother.

If I went out with colleagues and peers for dinner, comparing notes on the industry, I'd be Networking.
If I went out picnicking with a local mother & her toddlers, comparing notes on parenting, I'd just be a mother.

If I sing on a stage, I'm an Artist.If I sing a nazm or azkaar every night, the only voice that they want, the only voice that will do, then I'm just a mother.

But we often tend to forget and realise that being a mother and bringing up our children with the correct tarbiyat is the hardest profession of all.

May Allah make it easy for all the mums-to-be n all those who are already mummys.

“If a beautiful woman is a jewel...a pious woman is a TREASURE.”
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