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Young Mothers and advice to the

12th November 2012
When every Single person around a young mother wants to tell her what to do & what not to do,
why her child is crying and how she is feeding it inadequately, then more confusion and hurt is caused than education or solution to the matter.

Babies will cry just like we all did at one stage and it is only correct to say a word of encouragement to the mother or remain silent.

Interference in matters of feeding and upbringing can be most annoying ,depressing and stressful experience a young mother has.

Each child is unique and not all solutions will be applicable.

Criticism of young mothers by their own family members or friends shows that they do not really care but simply want to prove they know better without actually providing a positive silent solution in the most loving manner.

No mother intentionally causes pain and grief to her baby but rather she is very keen on providing every bit of comfort.

This is dedicated to mothers who have suffered at the hands of "know it alls" who will not leave them alone!

May the Almighty bless us all.


Mufti Ismail Menk
posted by bint Mohammed on 12th November 2012 - 2 comments


muslimah101 wrote on 16 Nov 2012
Good advice, masha-Allah.
abu mohammed wrote on 19 Nov 2012
Very true, however, I would like to add to this sentence....

This is dedicated to mothers & FATHERS who have suffered at the hands of "know it alls" who will not leave them alone!

I also get this all the time.

Jazakallahu khair.
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