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Lose The Argument, Keep The Friend.

18th January 2012
Two Brothers Sajid and Abid were invited to a dinner party. During the evening the topic turned towards the Moghul empire.The Host having very little knowledge on this topic, Said: " Moghul King Akbar left one of the greatest monuments of , architecture when he built the Taj Mahal."

Sajid quickly Spoke and said: " No It was not Akbar who built the Taj Mahal, it was Shah Jahan." The host feeling upset by being corrected, in front of his guests refused to budge, he insisted that it was Akbar who had built the Taj Mahal. As the conversation became heated Abid spoke and said to his brother: " No you are wrong, our Host is correct the Taj Mahal was indeed built by Akbar". The argument was settled and the dinner party carried on as before.

As they were heading home Sajid asked his brother: " Why did you take his side you know full well that it was Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal."
Abid responded: " Yes I know that it was Shah Jahan, but what need was it of you to correct our Host in a room full of his guests, does it really matter who built the Taj Mahal, you insulted the mans pride and made him look foolish in front of others. My brother is it not better to lose an argument and keep a friend."

Two Points to Ponder:

How often have we got in to such useless arguments and actually humiliated people in front of others. Just to prove our knowledge on a useless topic. Are things we engage in arguments over really that important, usually these arguments are about useless topics, Which actor starred in which film? or the name of an athlete who participated in a certain contest. Are these things really important and worth losing our friends and relatives over. Does it really make a difference as to who built the Taj Mahal.

Second point to reflect is the reaction of the Host in the Afore-mentioned story. Is that we often know we are wrong when we are corrected about certain issues but our foolish pride takes over and we refuse to budge. Is it not more prudent and wise to admit that we may be mistaken, rather then igniting a useless debate.

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