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No Boy No Joy

20th September 2011
No boy,no joy

She’s expecting
For the first time
Mother to be
The signs are visible
But with worry
She feels terrible

Lots on her mind
And not just the pregnancy
And the birth
In-laws excited
And anticipating
Their first grand –child
Has to be a boy
Girls bring no joy

Although the mother
Wants a girl
That wish remains a secret
For fear of upsetting the family

It’s sad
That people think like this
Reminds me of the Prophets time
When girls were buried alive

But even today
Infanticide exists
And the pressure is on
To give birth to a boy

Holy charms
Duas from the pious
And off course a scan
All used to increase your chances
Of conceiving a male child

Woe! For the woman
Who has given birth to several girls in succession
Husband and in-laws disappointed
Faces like thunder
And wishing that they could bury their daughters under
The soil
Like the days of past

But today
Girls are kept
Out of sight and out of mind
Guarded and over-protected

With girls
Comes responsibility
And very high dowry
And the possibility
Of her losing her virginity
Before marriage
And shaming the family

Boys can do as they want
Nothing to lose
Free to choose
After all they are men
Protectors of the womenfolk

It’s this attitude
Disregards the gratitude
To the almighty
For the birth of a healthy child

Islam disregarded
Hindu culture accepted
Followed and implemented
Girls are bad and boys bring luck

Hadiths ignored
About virtues of daughters
And blessings missed out on
Shame on those who follow culture over Islam

Girls and boys are from Allah
A gift for the parents
And route to Jannah
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