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Expect the unexpected

26th September 2008
Its 2:14 pm, Thursday 25th Ramadhaan 1429.

My Sister-in-law is on the computer & i've just finished ironing my clothes in order to take a shower when blink the computer just switches off.

"What just happened?" inquires my sister-in-law.

My eyes dart across the room and stop at the digital clock which has also gone blank.

"We seem to have lost our electricity" I reply.

"Why?" she continues to inquire.

"Maybe it was Zakariyya (the toddler of the house) playing with the switches in the other room?"

"But he's asleep"

"oh yeah" I respond.

"Come on lets check out our power box in case we've short circuited the supply" I suggest.

We make our way to the mains when the phone rings.

Our side of the street seems to have lost it's electricity & it won't be back till another 5-6 hours.

Inna lilla he wainna alayhe rajeeoon


Similarly when our time comes our souls will be extracted.

Our test of this world will be over.

People around us will be fussing making funeral arrangements.

Our bodies will be there whilst our souls move onto the next realm.

Today we have our own baths, tomorrow someone else will be giving our ghusl.

Today we clothe ourselves, tomorrow we shall be clothed in our shroud.

Have we prepared enough to meet our Creator?

Will we pass the test of life?

Are we ready to leave this world at any time?


At 7:58 pm the electricity supply was restored.

Shukr Alhumdolillah

When the light of our lives have been extinguished there is no return to this mundane world.

posted by bint Mohammed on 26th September 2008 - 3 comments


Sister wrote on 26 Sep 2008
Assalaamu alyakum,

How very true......jazakALLAH for the reminder that we should try and better ourselves and make preperations for death and the hereafter inshaALLAH

muhamad wrote on 27 Sep 2008
may Allah (swt) prepare us Iman-wise for the unexpected that we all know will come. Ameen. Jazakallah sister
Anonymous wrote on 9 Oct 2008
excellent analogy!!!!!mashaAllah
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