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Ultimate Happiness

28th May 2009
He turns & looks at you.

You breathe in, waiting for his words :

"You've passed".

You break out into a massive grin, or maybe you punch the air with happiness, your heart filled with bliss.....

or do you stop breathing for that one second hoping you heard right and the word "passed" really was said.

No more lessons, an opportunity of having wheels of your own materializes.

The envelope falls gently on the carpet, you rush down still in your pajamas and pick up the letter addressed to yourself.

Heart pumping with nerves you slit open the envelope and gently pull out the papers inside.

You inhale deeply, your eyes widen, you stare at the papers in your hands and jump for joy:

Are these really A 's all on the pages, you cannot believe your revision actually paid off.

You show the page to your family who are all smiles and overjoyed with your results.

Many of us have come across such happy scenes in our lives, let us think one step further and imagine the bliss of passing this worldly test.

The sight of meeting our creator with a huge smile, the never ending peace of the Hereafter, the sheer joy of having successfully passed the trials and tribulations of this mundane world.

All our worries forever forgotten, we can fully enjoy the fruits of our efforts and be grateful for having maximized our time towards achieving this position!

Nothing comes for free; even Paradise comes with a price tag.

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