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Qadyani and the Ghair Muqalliden

27th October 2010
Was Mirza Qaadiyaani a Ghair muqallid?
Impossible, he was a Hanafi.
Had he been a Hanafi, he would not have claimed Nabuwaat. Where in the fiqh of
Imam Abu Hanifa, do we find it written that the claim of nubuwat can be made by anyone? It is quite certain that his claim of nubuwat was the direct result of shunning the Hanafi fiqh and taqleed. Had he beautified himself with the garland of Imam Abu Hanifa (R.A), he would never have claimed nubuwat.

His nikah was performed by the Ghair muqallid aalim, Sayyid Nazeer Husein Dehlawi. He took a prayer mat and five rupees as payment for performing the nikah. His wife was the Ahle Hadith, Nusrat Baigham. (Raees Qaadiyaan)
1) He held the view point of eight rakats taraweeh. (Seerat-e-mahdi pg.13 vol.2) This is also The Ahle Hadith view point.
2) Mirza held the view point of making masah on socks. (Seerat-e-mahdi pgs.26 & 29) This is also The Ahle Hadith view point.
3) He held the view point of joining two salahs in the time of one salah just as The Ahle Hadith do.
4) Mirza held the view point that one may eat iguana, and this is in accordance to The Ahle Hadith teachings.
5) Mirza says that the hands should be tied on the chest (in the standing posture of
salah) just as you also say. (Refer to Alkalaamul mufeed pg.186)

Now tell me if Mirza Qadiyani was a Hanafi or Ghair muqallid? The Ahle Hadith gave him a woman to marry, an Ahle Hadith performed the nikah, The Ahle Hadith and him think alike as far as the matters pertaining to Deen are concerned, then too he is not a Ghair muqallid, what is he then?

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